Monday, March 16, 2009

Republicans Gone Wild, Michigan Edition

Americans for Prosperity-Michigan is urging action to stop Michigan Senate Bill SB 45 (text file). Introduced by four Republicans who ought to know better, SB 45 will create a new state bureaucracy for septic tanks and the new fees necessary to sustain it.

Can you believe it? Michigan is in the economic toilet and our politicians are busy with this
crap. All puns intended, 'cause I just couldn't make this stuff up, Crumb Crunchers. From AFP's analysis:
Home and business owners would be responsible to pay the fee for these inspections. The cost of new construction would also increase as a result of the additional fee. The taxpayer would also be on the hook to pay for the newly created On-site Wastewater Treatment System Advisory Council and the Alternative System Technical Advisory Committee.
SB 45's sponsors are Sen. Patty Birkholz (R-24), Sen. Jason Allen (R-37), Sen. John Pappageorge (R-13) and Sen. Roger Kahn (R-32). It was referred to the Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Committee, which Sen. Birkholz chairs. The other members of the committee are Sen. Van Woerkom (VC), Sen. Patterson, Sen. Basham (MVC) and Sen. Gleason.

I will be telling these Senators that SB 45 (PDF file) is solid waste and should be flushed immediately. I hope you will do the same. For more analysis of this bill, see Michigan Votes.

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