Monday, June 23, 2008

A Warning for America from South Africa

The following are excerpts from the article "A Warning for America from South Africa" by Gemma Meyer (Gemma Meyer is the pseudonym of a South African journalist. She and her husband, a former conservative member of parliament, still reside in South Africa), first published in the Middle American August, 2000. Sadly, it is more relevant today than it was when originally released. Emphasis added by Grammy.
People used to say that South Africa was 20 years behind the rest of the Western world. Television, for example, came late to South Africa (but so did pornography and the gay rights movement).

Today, however, South Africa may be the grim model of the future Western world, for events in America reveal trends chillingly similar to those that destroyed our country.

America's structures are Western. Your Congress, your lobbying groups, your free speech, and the way ordinary Americans either get involved or ignore politics are peculiarly Western, not the way most of the world operates. But the fact that only about a third of Americans deem it important to vote is horrifying in light of how close you are to losing your Western character.

Unable to cope with the new rules of the game - violence, mob riots, intimidation through accusations of racism, demands for proportionality based on racial numbers, and all the other social and political weapons used by the have-nots to bludgeon treasure and power from the haves - Americans, like others before them, will no doubt cave in. They will compromise away their independence and ultimately their way of life.

That is exactly what happened in South Africa. I know, because I was there and I saw it happen.

It is already too late for South Africa, but not for America if enough people strengthen their spine and take on the race terrorists, the armies of the "politically correct" and, most dangerous of all, the craven politicians who believe "compassionate conservatism" will buy them a few more votes, a few more days of peace.

White South Africans, you should remember, have been in that part of Africa for the same amount of time whites have inhabited North America; yet ultimately South Africans voted for their own suicide. We are not so very different from you.

Unfortunately, your habits and values work against you. You cannot fight terror and street mobs with letters to your Congressmen. You cannot fight accusations of racism with prayer meetings. You cannot appeal to the goodness of your fellow man when the fellow man despises you for your weaknesses and hacks off the arms and legs of his political opponents.

To survive, Americans must never lose the power they now enjoy to people from alien cultures. Above all, don't put yourselves to the test of fighting only when your backs are against the wall. You will probably fail.

Millions around the world want your good life. But make no mistake: They care not for the high-minded ideals of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, and your Constitution. What they want are your possessions, your power, and your status.
The author of this article writes under a pseudonym, out of fear for personal safety. We would be wise to heed this warning, although eight years have passed and we are further still down the road to ruin.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Satire. Sort of.

A major research institution has recently announced the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science.

The new element has been named Governmentium.

Governmentium (GV) has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312.

These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert: however, it can be detected, because it impedes every action with which it comes into contact. A minute amount of Governmentium can cause an action that would normally take less than a second to take over four days to complete.

Governmentium has a normal half-life of 4 years. It does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons exchange places. In fact, Governmentium's mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganization will cause more morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes.

This characteristic of moron promotion leads some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a critical concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as critical morass. When catalyzed with money, Governmentium becomes Administratium... an element that radiates just as much energy as Governmentium since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons.

(Hat tip: CIA Reject)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beware the Lieberman-Warner Act!

Should you care that the political class is buying into the global warming/climate change hoax kook, line and sinker? Well, how high do you want your taxes to be? Do you like the scraps of freedom you're still allowed to enjoy? Prefer living in a decent house rather than a cave, hut or tent? Wake up and CARE, people! There's a movement in all developed countries that, carried to it's logical extreme, will result in them becoming undeveloped, third-world backwaters...all in the name of preserving Mother Earth and making Al Gore a very rich man.

I think I'm exaggerating, scare-mongering, hyperventilating. I wish. Read up on the provisions of
this bill, commonly referred to as 'cap and trade', before the Senate passes it. Remember as you do that both Barack Obama AND John McCain support this crap, as do all the usual suspects, and some you might not expect. Here's the list of co-sponsors. Read it and weep....Elizabeth Dole?

If Americans don't stop this disastrous monstrosity ASAP, we will find ourselves in BIG trouble, children. Fellow blogger 3 Wood has written a great piece over at BabbaZee's site; highly recommended!


Oil 2.0.1

Here's some more promising, innovative and privately-funded research with the potential to free us from Mideast oil. Coskata, a renewable bio-fuels company in Illinois, is using a proprietary microbe in a patented bioreactor to convert waste products into ethanol without using food crops.

They have partnered with General Motors and are building a demonstration plant in Pennsylvania that is projected to produce ethanol for less than $1.00 per gallon.

Coskata has a slide presentation to demonstrate their unique process. One of the most exciting aspects of their technology is the flexibility to use a wide variety of 'feedstock' - even landfill garbage! - enabling them to build plants virtually anywhere on earth. American's a beautiful thing.

Oil 2.0

Talk about an innovative renewable energy source...scientists at LS9 in California's Silicon Valley have discovered a way to genetically modify certain microbes so they consume agricultural waste (wheat straw or wood chips, for example), and, uh, excrete crude oil. You read that right...the little critters' doo-doo is 'black gold'. Texas tea. Honest.

While use of most alternative energy technologies would require a global restructuring away from petroleum-based economies, LS9 and several other small companies are pursuing an oil replacement that, unlike ethanol, does not require the use of food crops. Their research has been conducted with private funds, off the radar of government busy-bodies...though they will likely show up any day now and claim credit. Paging Nancy Pelosi....

Lest you think this is a pipeline dream, especially given the company's whimsical description of itself as "prerevenue", it is also worth noting that Bob Walsh, a former executive of Shell Oil, is on board as LS9's president.

The company plans to have a demonstration plant operational by 2010 and a commercial plant available by 2011. Petroleum. But renewable, cleaner, cost-competitive and domestic. Visit their site and watch the video. Fascinating stuff!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Long May She Wave!

Today is Flag Day, America. Patriotism isn't dead, isn't old-fashioned, isn't wrong.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

American Ingenuity Solves Ancient Riddle?

Wally is an ordinary-looking guy, but looks can be deceiving. He's a retired construction worker, a grandfather, and a genius. In his spare time, Wally may have solved the riddle of Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Easter Island, and other seemingly impossible feats of ancient man.

Wally Wallington lives in Flint, Michigan. The mystery of sites like Stonehenge fascinated him, so after retiring from the construction trade, Wally decided to try replicating the Druid monument in his backyard.

Using only stone (well, concrete), wood beams, rope, pebbles and ingenuity, Wally has been able to achieve amazing things, all by himself. He does not use any modern machinery or tools, just things that would have been available to people hundreds, even thousands, of years ago. Watch the video to see for yourself what one man with an idea can accomplish.

Mr. Wallington isn't finished yet. Visit his web site, to learn more.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blackout Blues

The old saying goes 'you never know what you've got 'til it's gone. That's really true tonight as I sit posting by candlelight on my Blackberry.

Wicked storms ravaged my state Sunday afternoon and we've been without power since. Because I also live in a rural area, we lose water, too. Well pumps require electricity. So do DSL lines - which explains why this comes to you via my handheld device.

Good news, Algore; my carbon footprint has been close to zero for three days! Hah! No rejoicing just yet, though...I plan to make up for lost time on Carbon Belch Day.

What's that? You haven't heard of Carbon Belch Day? Well. Check it out at, and mark the date (June 12th) on your calendar. Do your part to save the planet - from Al Gore!

Hope to be back to normal posting (and carbon-footprinting!) soon!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

America's Best?

I received my copy of 'The Economist' yesterday, bearing the following headline: "America at its best". Underneath, pictures of John McCain and Barack Obama were superimposed over a waving American flag.

Are they kidding me? The lofty minds of Britain think John and Barry are our 'best'? They also opine that we have been left "with a decent choice". Ha! Think again, Rhodes scholars. They aren't even close to our best, and our choice is reduced to The Evil of Two Lessers™.

John McCain is deemed to be "surely the right result", because he is "a man whose political courage has led him constantly to attempt to forge bipartisan deals and to speak out against the Bush administration...." Yada, yada, yada. It's the same old song and dance, my friend. Criticize GWB and win the praise and admiration of Socialists everywhere.

The treatment of Barry is equally fawning. He "has demonstrated charisma, coolness under fire, and an impressive understanding of the transforming power of technology in modern politics." "Even greater though, is his achievement in becoming the first black presidential nominee of either political party." Let us celebrate this moment, for we have risen above our "past...disfigured by slavery, segregation and unequal voting rights." Huh?

Nominating an empty suit with no record of accomplishment who just happens to be half Kenyan is proof of America's repentance? What is WRONG with these people? We have a long record of atonements made for past injustices, but Barry isn't one of them.

Editors at The Economist have their work cut out for them before making an endorsement. They note the "sometimes cranky old warrior makes a fine contrast with the inspirational but sometimes vaporous young visionary." and "this is the most impressive choice America has had for a very long time." GACK! Let us all be eternally grateful they can't vote here.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mugabe Risks Mass Starvation, Disease in Bid to Hold Power

In a move guaranteed to increase the suffering and despair in Zimbabwe, the government there has ordered all aid organizations to cease their relief efforts. The move is so egregious it has attracted the condemnation of the United Nations, a body well known for its failure to spot genocide, corruption and child rape when it's own representatives are involved.

President Robert Mugabe, desperate to remain in power, appears ready to use any tactics, including famine and disease, to achieve his wishes. Since losing to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai in recent elections, Mugabe and his party have used the police and military to intimidate, harass, beat and imprison both opposition leaders and voters.

Zimbabweans have been suffering through shortages of even the most basic supplies for some time now; inflation has been reported at 100,000%.

According to the country's Ambassador to the UN, Boniface Chidyauskiku, the fault lies with (didn't we see this coming? -Ed) the United States. He claims aid workers, at the behest of the US government, have promised aid only to those who will pledge to vote for Mr. Tsvangirai in the run-off election scheduled for later this month.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Obama's Bus Hits Another Speedbump

So....Barry has resigned from his church. Wow. I wonder if he's familiar with the phrase 'a day late and a dollar short'?

Sorry Barack [redacted] Obama. We're not buying what you're selling. Twenty years, Barry. For twenty YEARS you sat in a pew at that church, listening to filth. You said nothing and did nothing. You sat. Your wife sat. Your CHILDREN sat! Listening to that racist filth.

Now, (you should pardon the expression), your chickens are coming home to roost. Your racist, hate-spewing pastor - the Reverend 'Wrong' - got our attention. Then your church's association with the racist, hate-spewing Nation of Islam leader 'Calypso Louie' Farrakhan was revealed. Now, it's the racist, hate-spewing (and self-loathing white man) Catholic priest 'Father' Pfleger. What's next, Barry? Do you have a racist, hate-spewing Rabbi waiting in the wings?

In the modern political equivalent of a confessional - the press conference - Mr. O said he wouldn't denounce his church, because it wasn't worth denouncing. Then he blamed US! WE wouldn't let him disassociate himself from the racist rants issuing forth from the pulpit of his church; the sermons of hate he and his family absorbed for twenty years. The MEDIA wouldn't let it go, either, and kept connecting him to his past. Well. How dare we?

I am a Christian, and this stuff makes me sick. I grew up in a main-stream Protestant church. We had lessons on race relations in Sunday School, too, and they went something like this:

Jesus loves the little children,
All the children of the world.
Red and Yellow, Black and White
They are precious in His sight.
Jesus loves the little children
of the world.

Call me crazy, but I still believe it. I suppose in Barry's world that makes me a typical white woman...