Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hoping Obama Fails

During a speech to CPAC on Saturday, Rush Limbaugh said he "hopes Obama fails", a sentiment he has expressed in the past on his radio show. The righteous indignation from the usual suspects on the political left has been laughable, while the cowed whimpering from some high-profile people on the 'conservative' right has been maddening. I will not apologize for what Rush said; on the contrary. I will agree with him. Unequivocally. Listen up, all you media types and spineless Republican leaders: I hope Obama fails, too.

It hardly requires mentioning that the left spent eight long years hoping, pining and working for George W. Bush to fail. It was patriotic then, remember? Dissent was the highest form of patriotism, but no more. We have the Obamessiah now and dissent will not be tolerated by his acolytes.

I can't speak for Rush (although I think he would agree), but my desire for Obama failures has nothing to do with political retribution or getting even. It's all about my philosophical base. I believe in free men and free markets. I believe that government governs best when it governs least. I believe in low taxes, American ingenuity and God. I believe in free speech, religious expression, bearing arms, states' rights and a Constitutionally limited Republic.

Barack Obama has shown no inclination to any of those principles but rather their ideological opposites. It seems quite natural to me that I should want him to fail. For instance, President Obama wants...
  1. ... to cut funding for our military and homeland security. I hope he fails.
  2. ... to nationalize our health care system. I hope he fails.
  3. ... to silence voices of dissent with the 'Fairness Doctrine'. I hope he fails.
  4. ... to fundamentally restructure the American government to Socialism. I hope he fails.
  5. ... to fund abortions at any time for any reason anywhere in the world. I hope he fails.
  6. ... to enact European-style gun bans and regulations. I hope he fails.
There is more - much more - but I think these few are illustrative. Where his policy initiatives diametrically conflict with my philosophy, I must hope he fails at their implementation.

None of Obama's aims are a surprise to me; I saw it during the campaign. By the way, just for the record, I hoped he would fail then, too. What has been distressing to me is the eager and swift denunciation of Rush Limbaugh by some in the (alleged) conservative ranks. You know who you are, Chairman Steele.

Come on, people...grow a spine. Stand for something other than reelection, will ya? If you really, sincerely hope Barack Obama succeeds at his stated objectives, you are neither conservative nor Republican and you need to change parties. Now.

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