Monday, March 9, 2009

OmniPork Budget In Trouble?

Well, here I am...out of town, on business, blogging from the hotel instead. What can I say; I'm hooked.

The best news of the day has to be the rapidly failing OmniPork Budget Bill. I happened to hear Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA-12), a Democrat, on Fox News this morning, expressing her opposition to the bill due to the earmark pork. From her website:
Congresswoman Jackie Speier has asked a prestigious panel of business, labor, community and government leaders to review all requests for funding received by her office for fiscal year 2010. The Citizens Oversight Panel will meet this month in public forums to review applications and hear from applicants before making recommendations to the congresswoman. Long a critic of the federal earmarking process, Speier has not requested any special funding in her ten months in office, instead choosing to study ways to “take the politics out of the appropriations process.”
Thank you, Rep. Speier, for being a voice of reason and defying party pressure to speak out against business as usual in Washington.

Republicans and Democrats are now calling the administration out on this issue. In the Senate, it appears Prince Harry will not get the votes needed for cloture.

This is a very good thing, Crumb Crunchers! Let Congress pass a continuing resolution, take a deep breath, and excise the pork and fat from the budget before passing it. In the meantime, keep planning those Taxpayer Tea Parties. Even if we win this battle, the war against taxpayer abuse will be long and hard-fought.

I'll be back tomorrow. See ya then.

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