Wednesday, May 7, 2008

John McCain Holds Townhall Meeting in Michigan

I had the opportunity to attend John McCain's town hall meeting this morning in Rochester, Michigan. Sorry to say, I think we're screwed, kids! Aside from a strong stand on national defense, Big John is as out to lunch as Hilldebeast and Obamaramadingdong.

He spent the first ten minutes talking about slavery and human trafficking. Terrible things to be sure, but are they really big enough problems to register in the Presidential campaign? Over and above, say...oh, I don't know...legions of Islamoterrorists who want us all dead?

Next on John's hit parade? Global warming. GACK! He's buying the myth kook, line and sinker. What he will sink is our economy. Hey, John, why don't we build a new refinery or two, and drill for oil in our own country? We have enough oil
in the United States to eliminate our foreign dependence. According to John McCain, he hasn't supported developing domestic sources because he's "a federalist" who believes the states should decide if they want drilling or not. Ha! Alaska has been BEGGING the federal government to drill in ANWAR. Bill Clinton vetoed a bill that would have allowed it. John McCain should be supporting it.

Here are some photos from the event:

Something about this man's face makes me proud to be an American.
'The face of the Greatest Generation'

More great Americans!

Senator McCain takes a question from the audience.

This shirt is on a very young man.
There's hope for the next generation.

A 'huge' moonbat turnout to protest McCain's appearance

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