Sunday, May 25, 2008

Basketball Phenom Banned for Being Too Good

Here's more evidence that we are ruining an entire generation - or two - of little boys...

Jamie is a 12-year-old basketball phenomenon. Already over 6 feet tall, and averaging 30 points per game, Jamie has been banned from the local basketball league because some parents complained that SHE was making their sons look bad.

What is WRONG with these people? Their little boys have such fragile egos that a really talented girl squashes their self-esteem? Is this really the message parents want to send to their sons? If someone is better than you, I'll just get them BANNED? Dear God....

At least one of the boys isn't buying this tripe. He liked playing with Jamie, because her talent raised his play to a higher level. Smart kid.

Oh, a little post script for you Title IX types: Jamie doesn't want 'equal time', and she doesn't aspire to play women's basketball. She's aiming for the NBA. You go, Jamie!

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