Friday, May 23, 2008

'Terrorist Chic' at Dunkin' Donuts

Like it or not, Rachael Ray is in high demand as a product pitchwoman these days. Crackers, olive oil, and.....donuts? Apparently so.

It seems Dunkin' Donuts has hired Ms. Ray to hawk their wares, as evidenced by this photo.

I wouldn't be more likely to buy a Dunkin' Donuts anything based on Rachael's endorsement, even if she wasn't sporting a kaffiyeh - the favorite neck scarf of the Intifada and terrorists everywhere.

Let's assume Ms. Ray was simply ill-informed about the symbolism of this wardrobe choice. Remember actress Cameron Diaz carrying a bag printed with Maoist slogans into Peru, where Maoists had murdered tens of thousands? She just thought, like, you know, it was a cute purse.

Just who IS responsible, then? Are the corporate types at DD so clueless ? How about the ad agency responsible for this insulting ad? I'd like an explanation. In the meantime, I'll be getting my donuts and coffee elsewhere.

Hat tip: 'RememberSekhmet?' and Little Green Footballs

UPDATE: The folks at Socialism & Liberation Magazine really like the "symbol of solidarity" Rachael has around her neck. Gack!

UPDATE: From Wikipedia

Controversial symbol

The keffiyeh is part of the general Israeli-Arab controversy, supporters of the Palestinian cause see the keffiyeh as a symbol of a just cause, while some others see the keffiyeh as representing anti-Semitism, terrorism, or the intention to eliminate the Jewish State. In 2007, the American clothing store chain, Urban Outfitters, stopped selling keffiyehs because of fear that selling them might be seen “to imply any sympathy for or support of terrorists or terrorism.” [5] The Independent calls the keffiyeh a “disturbing… symbol of Islamic militancy” [6] Columnist Carolyn P. Glick equates the Palestinian keffiyeh with the fascist wearing of brown shirts. [7] A spokesman for Spain’s Popular Party accused Prime Minister Zapatero of "anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and Israelophobia," after he was photographed wearing a keffiyeh. [8] When used by islamic extremists it is usually seen along side the Black Flag of Islam.

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