Sunday, January 4, 2009

Same Shiite, Different Year

38 people are reported dead and dozens more were injured in the latest homicide bombing to rock Baghdad. The only thing slightly unusual about this story is the bomber's gender - female. From Fox News' coverage (links added ~ed):
A female homicide bomber blew herself up on Sunday among a crowd of pilgrims worshipping at a revered Shiite shrine in northern Baghdad, killing at least 38 people and wounding about 72, the Iraqi army and police said.
The attack came as Shiites prepared to mark Ashura on Jan. 7. Falling on the 10th of Muharram under the Islamic lunar calendar, it is one of the most important holy days for Shiite Muslims and marks the death of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson Imam Hussein.
Although the homicide attack bore all the hallmarks of the Sunni terror group Al Qaeda in Iraq, which has killed hundreds of people in bombings against Ashura pilgrims in recent years, other Islamic extremist groups have used the day to stage bloody attacks.

Among the bloodiest attacks during Ashura were a series of mortar attacks and bombings in Baghdad and Karbala that killed nearly 200 pilgrims and wounded more than 500 others in 2004.
And the beat goes on. Sometimes I feel like Bill Murray in 'Groundhog Day', ya' know? Makes me wanna sing the blues....

Jonny Lang & Double Trouble, 'Groundhog Day'

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