Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama Is President. Did Ye Get Healed?

Well, Crumb Crunchers, the deed is done. Barack Obama has been sworn in amid much pomp and circumstance and has assumed the office of the Presidency. Given the anticipation, expectation and adoration heaped upon him (and foisted upon us) by his acolytes for the past two years, I have just one question this morning: Did ye get healed?
I wanna know did you get the feelin'?
Did you get it down in your soul?
I wanna know did you get the feelin'?
Did ye get healed?
Van Morrison's lyric was, of course, written about the one true God. It is a great song; I can't find a video embed, but you can listen to it here. Oh, and Ms. Alexander? Yes, you. The alleged 'poet' from the coronation ceremony... this, my dear, is poetry.

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