Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gays Want Christian "Hate Speech" Banned, While Muslims Murder Them

Gay activists in Colorado were recently successful in getting a law passed which, among it's many unbelievable provisions, bans Christians (and Jews, one would assume) from quoting the Bible's condemnation of homosexuality outside the four walls of their churches. World Net Daily's article describes in detail some of the other egregious elements of this lunacy-turned-legislation, and also contains this prescient quote:
"But now an analyst for Focus, Bruce Hausknecht, has told WND there are other, significant, potential ramifications hidden in the fine print of the new law."
"Religious publishers, he acknowledged, could be accused under the law for publishing biblical condemnation of homosexuality. "
Which brings us to Michigan. A gay man from Canton, Michigan (near Detroit and, ironically, Dearborn) has filed a $60 million federal civil rights lawsuit against Zondervan, the Michigan-based Christian publishing house. Because they publish Bibles. Seriously. He claims Zondervan's "misinterpretation" of the Bible, specifically I Corinthians 6:9, caused his family to label him a sinner, which in turn caused him to suffer 20 years of "emotional duress and mental instability." Well, he got the mental instability part right...

While American gay activists are trying to legislate and/or sue Christians out of existence, in places like Turkey, gay people suffer real "duress". Like being shot dead by family members in what may be the first "gay honor killing" in that predominately Muslim country.

Ahmet Yildiz was a 26-year-old physics student in Istanbul, Turkey. After "coming out" to his family, he began receiving death threats. The case was dropped, and within five months he was dead. His boyfriend is in hiding, fearful for his own life. Homosexuality is seen as so immoral that it qualifies as an 'honour killing' to murder someone who is gay - and the perpetrator can escape punishment.

Gay people might want to rethink their focus. Sticks and stones (and bullets) may break your bones, but preaching cannot hurt you.

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