Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dateline Dearbornistan

Here we go again...

Two Muslim women are suing McDonald's, a local franchisee, and an unnamed manager for $10 million. They claim the manager insulted and refused to hire them unless they removed their hijabs.
Quiana Pugh, 25, of Dearborn said "...I was confused that it could happen here in Dearborn, with so many Muslims."

"This manager must have just stepped off of some spaceship to think he can do this in this back yard, in Dearborn," said Nabih Ayad, a civil rights lawyer who represents the women.
Mr. Ayad was also a plaintiff in the ACLU's 2006 lawsuit against the NSA and the 2001 lawsuit challenging sections of the Patriot Act.

And of course, no story on Muslims would be complete without the ubiquitous Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) weighing in:
"It is extremely disturbing that such discrimination could take place at a location which does not mind collecting Muslim dollars, yet places restriction on Muslim women who wear hijab."
The hijab is worn snugly about the head, but draped down onto the chest and back (see photo). Can anyone say safety standards? Or sanitary food-handling practices? How much will they sue for when one of these women, or another like them, gets her scarf caught in some equipment or sets her head on fire trying to work the fry station? Do you want to eat food that has come into contact with one of these hijabs? Sorry, ladies. I just don't know where that thing has I'll pass.

This is not unrelated to my post Michigan: The First Caliph-State?. There is a pattern here. It brings to mind the old saying about eating an elephant, one bite at a time. Nibble, nibble, nibble.

Photo Credit: Clarence Tabb, Jr./Detroit News
Full story: The Detroit News

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