Monday, July 7, 2008

Another Honor Killing in America

When you think of 'honor' killings, do you naturally assume they happen a world away? You know, over there, in foreign countries, where they have a different culture?

Think again. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports a 25-year-old woman was murdered by her father yesterday morning in suburban Georgia for wanting to leave her forced marriage.

The family is described as being of "Pakistani" descent. Notably missing from press reports is their religious affiliation. Care to venture a guess here? Amish? Mormon...Jewish...Catholic...Buddhist? What's that? You say those faiths are not known for murdering their own daughters over real or perceived 'dishonor'? Bingo.

What we're all apparently supposed to ignore is the fact that Muslims do this - almost exclusively, and with their religion's approval - even encouragement. We're also supposed to ignore that it is only Muslim women and girls who are subjected to murder for unapproved behavior.

Where are the 'women's rights' groups? National Organization for Women...any comment? *Crickets*

Men and women in all Western countries need to acknowledge - sooner rather than later - that this problem will not go away on its own. Muslim immigrants are not assimilating into our societies. They don't want to and don't intend to. See France and Denmark for evidence. They want us to do things their way, the sharia way. Which includes murder of your own female relatives if you can't control them.

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