Friday, October 3, 2008

Misunderestimating Sarah

I suspect there are some politicos and pundits eating crow for breakfast this morning...and some disappointed comedy writers looking for material. Governor Sarah Palin proved the critics, carpers and crybabies wrong - completely, seriously - wrong when she took the stage and deftly argued her case last night.

Minus the editing and attack questions of sanctimonious 'news' anchors, Sarah was able to speak to the American people in a natural, heartfelt way that allowed viewers to see who she really is. What they saw was a smart, confident, informed woman fully capable of rising to the role of Vice President.

The very things the brie and chablis gang of Washington, Media and Hollywood superegos hate most about Sarah - her middle-America accent, God and family values, and heartland ethics - are the things the rest of us relate to. She is not the brainless rube they have portrayed her to be, and neither are we.

If John McCain does not win the Presidency, it will not be because of any deficiencies in Sarah Palin's character or competence. That rubric was laid to rest last night.

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