Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Michigan is 'Stuck on Stupid'. Are You?

John Tomlinson of the Flint Journal thinks Senator John McCain pulled out of Michigan because voters here are "stuck on stupid". He has a point.... [Links added by me ~ Ed]
Why did Sen. John McCain pull out of Michigan? Knee-jerk voters.

A new Rasmussen Poll said 59 percent of Americans believe our legislators are so inept, they'd vote to replace the entire Congress. I bet the other 41 percent live in Michigan .

Maybe McCain pulled out because he found us so stuck on stupid, he decided to go to where people would listen.

He realized what we all realize. Voters in Michigan vote for the same person decade after decade, even after that person proves to be the worst imaginable one for the job.

According to the 2008 University of Michigan Millennium Report, Detroit is now the poorest city in America. Yet its residents, knowing the devastation firsthand, continued to vote for Kwame Kilpatrick like he was Coleman Young.

Or take U.S. Sen. Carl Levin. According to the report, Michigan is 46th in the nation at getting federal tax dollars back as budget expenditures. The Keynesian multiplier, a way to calculate the economic effect of this shortfall, says this had three times the effect of the auto industry contraction on our state's economy.

Further, we only get back 92 percent of federal taxes on gasoline purchased in our state. The shortfall, about $90 million, which should go to repair Michigan roads and bridges, gets spent in other states.

Why? Because Levin, whose responsibility it is to oversee getting that money back, is so busy trying to affect the surrender of U.S. forces to al-Qaida in Iraq , he doesn't have time to help Michigan. Yet this fall, he's going to again win by a landslide. Name the last great thing he did for the people of Michigan. I can't. Can you?

According to the report, Michigan has become, under the last eight years of Democrat leadership, including representation at the state and federal levels, all of the following:

50th in the nation in personal income growth.

50th in the nation in its unemployment rate.

50th in the nation in employment growth.

50th in the nation in the Index of Economic Momentum.

This happened because we will not change. We're now below Mississippi and still falling. How long will it be before Detroit begins to envy Beirut? Thanks to our legislators, we have nothing on the horizon to stop this free-fall.

Nevertheless, we're voting for Barack Obama. We want the guy who, while getting enormous amounts of cash from Fannie Mae, second only to Sen. Christopher Dodd, helped block the 2005 Fannie Mae reform designed to prevent the current collapse. Just as an aside, McCain sponsored that bill.

But don't worry, with McCain gone, we'll keep voting Democratic like always, and everything will be just hunky-dory. Yes?
Can the rest of America learn from Michigan's mistakes? Of course. Will it happen? We will know on November 5th. In the meantime, if you want to see what liberal, socialist, redistributionist schemes will do for your country, look at my state. Then remember that Barack Obama has been taking advice from our socialist, Canadian Governor Granholm. If you like the economic misery of Michigan, you can have it nationwide; just vote for Obama.

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