Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is This The October Surprise Obama Fears?

You wouldn't know about this from listening to or reading the 'mainstream' media, because they are nothing of the sort: a lawyer from Pennsylvania, Philip J. Berg, filed a lawsuit in August 2008, challenging Barack Obama's qualification to be President of the United States. Mr. Berg believes Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the USA, which Constitutionally disqualifies him to serve as POTUS. There are additional questions concerning Obama's citizenship based on the years he lived in Indonesia as a child.

Philip Berg is no 'right-wing kook'....he is a life-long Democrat, has held positions in the Democratic Party and ran for office on the Democratic ticket in Pennsylvania. In this new video, he details his involvement with the party. He also answers the 'proof' provided by Obama's website and by noting that factcheck is owned by the Annenberg organization in Chicago - the same Annenberg organization Obama and Bill Ayers worked for. Perhaps just a teeny conflict of interest? The video is just over 10 minutes long, but is worth watching.

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