Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mugabe Risks Mass Starvation, Disease in Bid to Hold Power

In a move guaranteed to increase the suffering and despair in Zimbabwe, the government there has ordered all aid organizations to cease their relief efforts. The move is so egregious it has attracted the condemnation of the United Nations, a body well known for its failure to spot genocide, corruption and child rape when it's own representatives are involved.

President Robert Mugabe, desperate to remain in power, appears ready to use any tactics, including famine and disease, to achieve his wishes. Since losing to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai in recent elections, Mugabe and his party have used the police and military to intimidate, harass, beat and imprison both opposition leaders and voters.

Zimbabweans have been suffering through shortages of even the most basic supplies for some time now; inflation has been reported at 100,000%.

According to the country's Ambassador to the UN, Boniface Chidyauskiku, the fault lies with (didn't we see this coming? -Ed) the United States. He claims aid workers, at the behest of the US government, have promised aid only to those who will pledge to vote for Mr. Tsvangirai in the run-off election scheduled for later this month.

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