Sunday, June 8, 2008

America's Best?

I received my copy of 'The Economist' yesterday, bearing the following headline: "America at its best". Underneath, pictures of John McCain and Barack Obama were superimposed over a waving American flag.

Are they kidding me? The lofty minds of Britain think John and Barry are our 'best'? They also opine that we have been left "with a decent choice". Ha! Think again, Rhodes scholars. They aren't even close to our best, and our choice is reduced to The Evil of Two Lessers™.

John McCain is deemed to be "surely the right result", because he is "a man whose political courage has led him constantly to attempt to forge bipartisan deals and to speak out against the Bush administration...." Yada, yada, yada. It's the same old song and dance, my friend. Criticize GWB and win the praise and admiration of Socialists everywhere.

The treatment of Barry is equally fawning. He "has demonstrated charisma, coolness under fire, and an impressive understanding of the transforming power of technology in modern politics." "Even greater though, is his achievement in becoming the first black presidential nominee of either political party." Let us celebrate this moment, for we have risen above our "past...disfigured by slavery, segregation and unequal voting rights." Huh?

Nominating an empty suit with no record of accomplishment who just happens to be half Kenyan is proof of America's repentance? What is WRONG with these people? We have a long record of atonements made for past injustices, but Barry isn't one of them.

Editors at The Economist have their work cut out for them before making an endorsement. They note the "sometimes cranky old warrior makes a fine contrast with the inspirational but sometimes vaporous young visionary." and "this is the most impressive choice America has had for a very long time." GACK! Let us all be eternally grateful they can't vote here.

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