Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beware the Lieberman-Warner Act!

Should you care that the political class is buying into the global warming/climate change hoax kook, line and sinker? Well, how high do you want your taxes to be? Do you like the scraps of freedom you're still allowed to enjoy? Prefer living in a decent house rather than a cave, hut or tent? Wake up and CARE, people! There's a movement in all developed countries that, carried to it's logical extreme, will result in them becoming undeveloped, third-world backwaters...all in the name of preserving Mother Earth and making Al Gore a very rich man.

I know...you think I'm exaggerating, scare-mongering, hyperventilating. I wish. Read up on the provisions of
this bill, commonly referred to as 'cap and trade', before the Senate passes it. Remember as you do that both Barack Obama AND John McCain support this crap, as do all the usual suspects, and some you might not expect. Here's the list of co-sponsors. Read it and weep....Elizabeth Dole?

If Americans don't stop this disastrous monstrosity ASAP, we will find ourselves in BIG trouble, children. Fellow blogger 3 Wood has written a great piece over at BabbaZee's site; highly recommended!


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