Saturday, November 22, 2008

Iraqi Christians: Flee or Die

My dear friend BabbaZee has an excellent and heartbreaking post about the fate of Christians in Iraq - one of the oldest communities of Christians on planet Earth. PLEASE watch the videos and read the links. Yes, it is a bit long...but we just can't turn a blind eye to this! Our brothers and sisters are suffering and dying while we worry about whether we can get a loan to buy a new car. Seriously.

Unlike their Muslim neighbors, Iraqi Christians have no armed militias for protection. They are completely at the mercy of the government and the gangs of Islamic terrorists....

Iraq: We will slit your infidel throats!

This all hits especially close to home for those of us in Michigan - we have a substantial Chaldean/Arabic Christian community here, and their families are torn apart, waiting for permission to come to America. Senator Carl Levin, a VERY liberal Democrat who also happens to be Jewish, is trying to help the remaining Christian Iraqis. We owe them nothing less.

Please pray for the safety of those left in Iraq and other hostile parts of the world.

For more information, please see these references:

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The Chaldean Community Website

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National Organization of Iraqi Christians

Congressman Thaddeus McCotter Urges Protection for Iraqi Christians (a PDF file)

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