Friday, November 21, 2008

Congressman Thaddeus McCotter: An American Statesman

Finally...a voice of sanity and reason in Congress. No wonder he had to fight to keep his Republican leadership position; he makes too damned much sense and clings tenaciously to his principles. Shocking!

I have remained skeptical of the proposed Detroit Big Three 'bailout' or 'bridge loan', despite my principle livelihood depending on the automotive industry; our company is a tier 2 parts supplier. There are some real potential benefits to a Chapter 11 filing, such as the ability to scrap the union contracts and start over - a tempting prospect indeed from a competitiveness standpoint.

The national security argument, however, cannot be ignored; it has moved me to the 'yea' side of the ledger. That it has come to this is deeply distressing, but here we are nonetheless. We must play the hand we were dealt.

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