Saturday, February 7, 2009

Keep It Stupid, Simple

So here we are, face to face with the largest expansion of government in American history, all in the name of economic stimulus. We're supposed to feel better that a couple of spineless, brain-dead "Republicans" joined with the Obamastration and reduced the cost of this leviathan by 150 billion. Wow. Sorry, Barry; I still don't have a tingle in my leg. Your plan is still an Obamanation.

In the classic Newspeak our politicians wield so well, what they dub the 'stimulus' bill will actually stifle the economy, crush the private sector and permanently empower the ruling class. Welcome to the U.S.S.A., comrade Crumb Crunchers.

I have a three-step plan for restoring the economy and stimulating growth. It won't cost the taxpayers a dime, will not run up the national debt and could be accomplished immediately. Here's what I want the government (federal, state, local) to do for me:
  1. Get out of my wallet. Cut taxes. All of them. I know what I need. Government bureaucrats do not. I earned the money; I should be the one spending it.

  2. Get out of my face. Cut regulations. I am an entrepreneur; a business owner. I have earned a paycheck and made a payroll. I know how to run my company and my life. Government bureaucrats do not. Leave me alone.

  3. Get out of my way. Sit down, shut up and hang on, because the economy will be roaring again if the private sector is allowed to do what it's good at.
This plan will never be considered by Washington for one simple reason: it reduces rather than expands their power. Our politicians are not interested in your rights, your freedom, your well-being or your happiness. They are concerned with their power, how to keep it and how to get more.

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