Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Michigan Arabs Protest Israel's Self-Defense

A collection of the usual suspects turned out on Tuesday to rally against Israel's use of force in Gaza. Arabs, 'clerics', members of the Green Party and 'other political groups' gathered in Dearborn, Michigan to form a human chain and chant slogans condemning Israel and President Bush.
In Dearborn, emotions ranged from fear for loved ones, to grief and anger. The protest was followed by a standing-room-only memorial service for those who have died in Gaza over the past week.

"I have two daughters in Palestine -- one of them has three children, two girls and a boy," said Iman Jasin, 48, of Dearborn, who protested on Warren Avenue.

She helped hold a sign that said, "Stop the Holocaust in Gaza," and led protesters in chanting.
Protesters angrily waved Palestinian flags and held banners and photos of Palestinians injured during four days of military airstrikes on a range of targets in the Hamas stronghold.

Many along Warren Avenue in Dearborn chanted "Down, Down Israel" and other angry slogans. Metro Detroit is home to about 10,000 to 15,000 Palestinians and about 75,000 Jews.
A local interfaith group called for a cease-fire, while area Jewish leaders voiced their continued support for the action in defense against repeated Hamas rocket fire into Israel.

"Hamas forced Israel to embark on this campaign by dramatically increasing its rocket attacks against Israeli civilians, firing as many as 60 on Christmas Eve alone," said Robert Cohen, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Metro Detroit. "Israel has to defend its citizens -- if there were a million Detroiters daily being showered with missiles from Windsor, our citizens would demand that our government do whatever it took to put a stop to it."
Where are the 'interfaith groups' calling for Hamas to stop bombing innocent Israelis? Why do the terrorist supporters parade around in 'peace scarves'? Where are the signs reading 'Victims of Islamic Hate'? Why aren't the Arabs more grateful for all President Bush and our State Department have done to undermine Israel's national security in the name of 'peace'?

These are, of course, rhetorical questions. We know perfectly well what the agenda is, and I have no 'hope' that the Obamastration will 'change' things for the better. Israel, defend thyself! Sadly, you can no longer count on the United States for even token moral support.

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