Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dog Shelters Abandoned Infant

So. It's official. Animals now have more respect for human life than do humans. Witness this story from Argentina about a newborn baby girl, abandoned by her 14-year-old mother - outdoors, in winter - being rescued and sheltered by a nursing mother dog.

Farmer Fabio Anze found the naked baby snuggled amongst his dog's litter of puppies and called authorities. The infant was just several hours old, according to a hospital spokesman. She suffered a few bruises but was otherwise perfectly healthy.

I know what some of you are thinking, dear readers. Grammy is heartless and cruel. After all, we're dealing with a 14 year-old girl here. She was trapped. She was scared. She was desperate. Perhaps she was all of those things. I don't care. Unless she suffers from profound mental disabilities, she knows it is wrong (aka murder) to abandon her naked newborn daughter. She knows her actions will result in the baby's death. I submit that it is her behavior that is heartless and cruel.

Then again, Argentina is a cosmopolitan country in touch with the rest of the world. Perhaps this girl had read some stories about a certain American presidential candidate. The one who said he wouldn't want either of his two young daughters "punished with a baby". The one who, as a state legislator, supported withholding medical treatment from babies who inconveniently survived an abortion, even after learning they were being left to die in the soiled utility room of a Chicago-area hospital. Perhaps she thought, hey...if Barack Obama, the messiah, the 'citizen of the world', says it's okay, it must be.

After Bill Clinton told the world that oral sex isn't really sex, the number of children engaging in that activity skyrocketed. Should we be surprised if similar trends are now reported in the number of babies left to die? God help us....

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