Sunday, November 8, 2009

Coming Soon To A Home Near You: Canadian Family Raided At Gunpoint By 'Health Canada'

Earlier this year, a Canadian doctor and his family were held at gunpoint for 11 hours while Health Canada agents and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) searched his home.  Papers, business files and his inventory OF VITAMINS were seized.  His international business associates were questioned.  His 'Access of Information' (FOIA) requests have been denied and even his lawyer cannot obtain records and files relating to the search.

Dr. Eldon Dahl details his story in this letter to the Canadian legislature, presently considering even broader powers for the Health ministry.
No Canadian family or home based business should have to endure what my family endured.  On January 15, 2009, my wife Agnes answered the front door of our home and 4 RCMP officers, one with his gun drawn, burst through, the brute force even damaged our locking device.

I will never forget the terrifying look on the face of my wife; I have never seen her so afraid.  To describe the panic that I felt is near impossible; I saw as my wife’s hands were raised over her head in surrender because an armed RCMP officer had a gun pointed to her chest yelling; “That is not cool, that is not cool.”  I thought she was going to be killed.  That day’s events have permanently scarred my memory and I live with the terror, thinking that it will happen again.  I heard my wife say, “Please put the gun away!  We are no harm to any of you. We are humanitarians, not criminals.”

The RCMP were clearing the way for Health Canada agents; they entered our home looking for vitamins, including Folic Acid and L-Carnitine, both ultra safe supplements.  We sat restricted in our own home for 11 hours while Health Canada agents searched our entire residence, even violating the privacy of our bedroom.  Our home safe was opened with RCMP supervision and our personal contents were photographed by Kim Selling (a Health Canada agent).

This, my friends, is what you get when the government is in charge of your 'health care'. Now is the time to protest, call, write, fax, e-mail.... anything you can to STOP the destruction of the American health care system.

Unless, of course, you really WANT to explain to a federal officer why you have that bottle of vitamins.....

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