Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tea Party Signs, Slogans & Graphics

UPDATE: There is now a separate site dedicated to free-use Tea Party signs and slogans!  Visit Tea Party Signs to see them all.

I've noticed that many of the visitors to this blog are looking for Tea Party signs, slogans and photos. I have lots of that content here, but it has been posted separately and isn't necessarily easy to find. Since (thankfully) the 'Tea Party movement' shows no sign of slowing down, I expect the traffic to continue. So.

I have added a gadget to the left side bar, just under the Archive, which will run a continuous loop of all my photos from all the Michigan Tea Parties I have attended. There are some very creative and copy-worthy ideas here; feel free to use them yourself and pass them on.

Some of the graphics are my original designs; you can find them reproduced on T-shirts, hats and buttons in my Zazzle gallery. I can also do custom designs for your Tea Party events; just drop me a note over at Zazzle.

Remember, Crumb Crunchers: Drink tea, but do not drink the kool-aid!

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