Friday, September 5, 2008

What's So Special About Sarah?

That's the question asked by Daniel Henninger in his Wall Street Journal column Wonder Land, and he nails the answer:
In a less crazed world, the Sarah Palin story -- hunter and snowmobiling mom becomes Alaska governor and routs old-boy political machine in bed for years with energy industry -- would be celebrated. Of course, they have to demolish her.

Sarah's story is the stuff of Erin Brockovich movies and full-page newspaper spreads. Except: She's "pro-life," is a "Christian," and unlike all the white guys who came in second, Sarah looks like she might help get a Republican elected.
He also aptly identifies the manic, over-the-top, vitriol laden media backlash against Governor Palin,
It may be possible to pack more downward spin in what is being written about her, but modern media records are being set. Sarah has to be stopped because Sarah looks like trouble.
Why yes, she does! As Rush Limbaugh said when discussing her speech to the Republican National Convention, "Sarah Palin: babies, guns and Jesus. Hot damn!"

Time will tell if Sarah can deliver for the GOP, but her history of taking on entrenched, corrupt, incumbent politicos and winning should serve her well in the effort. As Daniel Henninger also noted,
Sarah Palin looks like the old model's first real political challenge. They will be gunning for her. Good luck with that.
Then again, Sarah also hunts moose in the wilderness of Alaska. Which skill will prove more useful to her in the coming months? That remains to be seen, but won't watching it be fun? After all, this is no fluff-headed "beauty queen" - and those who dismiss and/or 'misunderestimate' her do so at their own peril. Good luck with that, indeed.

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